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Trigger Point Treatment


Trigger points can have a major impact on how you feel.  TPs can be a nagging pain that just won't go away.  As they tend to refer sensation, you may rub a painful area but it still hurts.  TPs can be responsible for unusual symptoms for which no origin can be explained.  
The goal of trigger point therapy is to reduce or eliminate these knots/micro-spasms in the soft tissue of the body, increase circulation and tissue health, while increasing range of motion and the use of the muscle.  

Trigger points are set up in the body due to many circumstances.  Most commonly TPs occur from overuse or excessive strain but TPs can also form due to casts, car accidents, falls, blows to the body, glucose or hormone imbalance, or tattooing.

It is believed that micro-tears in the muscle cause the hyper spasm, which is the trigger point.  Range of motion is decreased as the muscle will shorten and loose strength, which makes the tissue more vulnerable to overuse or strain.  Many times an overused muscle becomes somewhat inflamed, which decreases circulation.  Wastes and lack of oxygen results in the muscle becoming stiffer as it contracts due to lack of oxygen.  As the muscle shortens and stiffens it becomes more susceptible to injury.  You may slip or reach quickly for something, throw on your coat, or 'work through the pain' during exercise.  These instances typically cause TPs to form.

Trigger point therapy involves applying pressure to the micro spasm or 'knot' to break the spasm.  The area is then massaged to increase circulation and move wastes out of the area while bringing blood into the area (nutrients, oxygen, healing components).  Lastly, the muscle is retrained by movement to a normal length and tension.  
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