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Massage can help you to achieve your athletic goals by supporting the body through its building phase.  As we increase our muscle mass, training program and endurance, we may need to push ourselves beyond the comfort zone that we are used to.  In pursuing our physical fitness goals we may easily strain, create muscle imbalances by working one area more than the other, or produce congestion/tightness from lack of proper cool down or stretching.  

As muscles tighten and congest it is easy to overwork the muscle or stretch a shortened muscle too far.  Micro-tears or trigger points may form that shorten the muscle and decrease muscle strength by up to as much as 50%.  When muscles get tight or congested they don't receive the oxygen or vital nutrients needed to perform work.  Instead of muscle fibers sliding by each other they can start to stick or adhere.  Trigger points, adhesions, and congestion can put limits on the physical goals you can achieve.

Swedish massage squeezes out wastes all the way down to the capillary beds, breaks up adhered tissues, increases range of motion and returns blood to the heart for cleaning.  Deep tissue massage relieves congestion, reduces adhesions and retrains the muscle via the brain to be longer and softer.  Deep tissue helps you to experience full range of motion in your joints and tissues.

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