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Massage after an injury can be crucial to recovery by restoring muscle balance, strength, tension, range of motion and movement, and flushing out post-trauma neurotransmitters that may irritate nerve tissue.  Research involving post operative massage has demonstrated up to a 40% reduction in pain experienced.  Consequently, patients may use less medication.  Often constrictions, adhesions and trigger points are involved in post injury scenarios.

A note from your doctor may be necessary to modify the massage to your physical circumstances.  In some instances massage may need to be avoided temporarily as you progress through various stages of healing.

Insurance Billing
Your physican may prescribe massage as they would a medication.  Life Balance has a history of working as a partner in a healthcare team to coordinate care.  Most car insurance policies can be billed with a prescription.  Health savings accounts provide for massage expenses also.  Please contact Life Balance with questions regarding other insurance plans.

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